Month of Raise of Awareness of Cervical Carcinoma


January is a month of raise of awareness of cervical carcinoma.

What is the best method for prevention of cervical carcinoma?

  • Regular screening-tests (ex. PAP test) and further monitoring;
  • HPV vaccination

PAP test allows diagnosing of potential precancerous conditions, earlier microscopic changes corresponding to cervical intraepithelial neoplasia (CIN) -  dyplasia of cervical epithelium or its upper layer, also abnormal growth of cells in the cervical canal, what ordinarily is latent and remains unnoticed by women.

Lesions are detected by routine cytological examinations.

In case of abnormal result of PAP test, it is recommended to undergo colposcopic examination including advanced one, in the course of which, physician takes biopsy material from the damaged area and sends it to the laboratory for histomorphological examination. Diagnosis is established on the ground  of the results of morphological examination, which from its side determines  the method of further treatment.

P.S. Be informed! Be on the watch of your health!